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Ongoing Accountancy & Taxation Services...

This part deals with the service which will be provided, in association with a long-established firm of Chartered Accountants, to ensure that your tax affairs are properly maintained and the requirements of company law are met.

We will provide you with weekly/monthly book-keeping facilities, using either our latest software, our website or paper forms depending on your preference. Guidance will be given on the completion of these records.
A payroll for you (as Director) and Company Secretary will be maintained on your behalf. The End of Year Return and End of Year Certificate of Pay, Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions will also be prepared for the Director and Secretary.
We will forward the company cheque for tax and national insurance to the appropriate tax collection office.
Where necessary we will complete Returns of Expenses and Benefits for the Director and Secretary.
The Company's accounts will be prepared annually in full and abbreviated forms for submission to HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House.
On completion of the accounts a Tax Computation will be prepared and the Corporation Tax Return completed and submitted to HM Revenue & Customs.
The Company Annual Return will be completed and submitted to Companies House.
The personal Income Tax Return of the Director will also be completed and forwarded to HM Revenue & Customs.
Throughout the year any Notices of Coding and Assessments issued in respect of the Director will be checked.

The above fee and work relates to an individual operating a Limited Company. Where there are two or more individuals forming a single Limited Company or the Company has additional employees, or is VAT-registered, we can provide a specialist service which enables you to scan your documents for the preparation of quarterly tax returns and yearly accounts, thus avoiding onerous paperwork - we will even install the software for your scanner. Please contact us to discuss the level of fees.

It must be borne in mind that under Self Assessment 3% of all Tax Returns will be investigated and in some cases it will be a spot check and not necessarily because anything is wrong. It is therefore in your own best interest that you make sure your accounts records are in good order and all information is submitted to HM Revenue & Customs in good time to avoid the possibility of penalties for failing to file returns, accounts, etc. by the correct date. The new penalties are onerous.

This was very much in our thoughts when the package was put together because we believe that a service is being offered that will help you keep your tax and national insurance liabilities to a minimum whilst at the same time reducing the risk of any punitive tax penalty resulting from an investigation, etc.

We feel sure you will find this to be a comprehensive service dealing with all the legal requirements of a small trading company at a very competitive rate.

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